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ArcAncient – Renaissance Woman

February 27, 2015

Aired Thursday, 26 February 2015, 3:00 PM ET

If music is color you can hear and textures are light you can touch, scent is a colorful texture you can smell. Total-Sensory-Healing, Vibrational Aromatherapy was created when Gloria combined her love of music and her desire to serve and heal humanity. ArcAncient is the name given to Gloria O’Neil-Savage when she was praying for a name. She saw two angels holding back the veil and the name: Ark of the Ancients came floating through. As she continued to spiritually quest for answers to her physical pain, a wholly new vision began to emerge. She began to use her voice to tone chakras and divine assistance led her to create essential oil blends to fill the air and to anoint the body. It was all related, pure alchemy. The quest to understand the mind/body/spirit connection continues, and ArcAncient shares her mystical journey on the path to wholeness with humor, compassion and hope for us all.

About Guest Gloria O’Neil-Savage

Gloria O’Neil-Savage had a near ‘death experience’ at the age of seventeen and began a lifelong quest searching for Heaven on Earth. The first outlet she found on this quest was in the arena of music and voice, leading to a rich and varied musical background. Known for her heart-felt renditions of Jazz & Blues Standards as well as composing and performing her own spirit inspired originals, people have been touched, moved, awed, and inspired throughout North America and abroad. Singing with such well-known artists as The OJays band, The Count Basie band, and the Saturday Night Live horn section to standing ovations at Chicago Blues in New York City.

Gloria is an Associate Polarity Practitioner, Reiki Master, Interior Designer, certified in T.S.H.Vibrational Healing©, Instructor and Practitioner in Total Sensory Integration© and a certified Aromatherapist! Astrologer.

She is the owner and original founder of ArcAncient, Inc. Aromatherapy and Co-Founder of the Cleveland Polarity School.

As a Certified Educational Instructor she has taught at: Baldwin Wallace, Case Western Reserve, St. Joseph’s Wellness Center, Ursuline College, The Institute of Energetic Studies (Formerly Polarity Institute), Fairview Hospital Wellness Center, Fairview Hospital, Hillcrest Hospital, Medina County Library, AMTA Conferences, many Nursing

Homes and many classes around the country and individual spa retreats.

Her articles have been featured in several magazines and newspapers, including: Cleveland Bar Journal, Cleveland Wedding, Cincinnati Woman, and Balanced Living. She has also appeared on television, radio and internet broadcasts.