Five Hormone Hacks to Help You Heal from Autoimmune

April 21, 2017

Aired Friday, 21 April 2017, 7:00 PM ET

Five Hormone Hacks to Help You Heal from Autoimmune

All too often with autoimmune your hormones (and other vital systems) are severely disrupted. On this informative episode of The Autoimmune Hour, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (a.k.a. The Paleo Mom) joins us to share far more than paleo tips!

In this information packed interview you will discover how to:

~ Train your hormones to “behave” and cycle properly.

~ Improve your ability to fall asleep fast and stay asleep.

~ Manage pain and increase your mental clarity and focus

~ Build your body and immune system’s resilience

~ Discover what foods you are sensitive to and what to do when you do… plus so much more.

About the Guest: Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D. (a.k.a. The Paleo Mom) is the blogger behind the award-winning blog, cohost of the top-rated and syndicated The Paleo View podcast, and New York Times Bestselling author of The Paleo Approach, The Paleo Approach Cookbook, and The Healing Kitchen.

Dr. Sarah is passionate about scientific literacy and has the uncanny knack for distilling scientific concepts into straightforward and accessible explanations. As a scientist both by training and by nature, Sarah is deeply interested in understanding how the foods we eat interact with our gut barriers, immune systems, and hormones to influence health. Her curiosity goes further than just our diet; she is genuinely interested in lifestyle factors like sleep, stress, and activity on which she shares her wisdom freely on this episode.

How to Remove Junk Thoughts

April 14, 2017

Aired Friday, 14 April 2017, 7:00 PM ET

How to Remove Junk Thoughts - “The Junk Food of Your Mind”

It’s been long-known that if you put junk in, you get junk out… that includes the mind too… junk thoughts in, junk results out.

And, we have the power to change that…when we meditate, even for short periods of time, the evidence shows we can control the mind ‘junk’ to improve our health, mental acuity, emotional balance and spiritual connection — a 4-part win!

In this experiential interview, Leonard Perlmuttter, one of the Western world’s leading pioneers of meditation and founder of the American Meditation Institute will share with us his life-learnings, and wisdom including insights from his new book The Heart and Science of Yoga: The American Meditation Institute’s Empowering Self-Care Program for a Happy, Healthy, Joyful Life.

During our time together, you’ll discover:

~ How the Bridge of Yoga can always lead you to your highest and greatest good

~ How to release pain and resolve inner conflicts

~ The right mantra for you — and why a mantra makes such a profound difference

~ The best and easiest ways to anchor meditation in your life — even if you are prone to drift!

We will even talk him into guiding us through a mini-meditation and so much more….

Perlmutter’s great sense of humor and down-to-earth approach guides us through his ‘ladder’ to achieving mastery over your inner and outer worlds—and living in a daily state of transcendence. Join your host Sharon Sayler and Leonard Perlmuttter, Friday, April 14, 2017 — 7PM ET

Learn more about The Heart and Science of Yoga and Leonard Perlmuttter at: