Adrienne Lloren - Release Your Inner Thriving Artist

February 20, 2019

Release Your Inner Thriving Artist with Adrienne Lloren

Aired Wednesday, 20 February 2019, 12:00 PM ET

Rapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur Adrienne Lloren joins us to share how she’s leveled up in leadership, integrity, and being of service through music, ALL IN as a thriving artist.

She’ll share how she started out with Toonie Tuesday’s on YouTube and went on to create The Thriving Artist Masterclass Series where she interviewed 25 music experts in the industry.

Sharing her personal philosophy of ‘job security’ while keeping humanity flourishing she truly inspires us all to share our own gifts to build sustainability.

Join us as we hear some of Adrienne’s own tracks and learn how to MASTER our art in a profitable way.

“Your creative work is a gift that the world needs” – Adrienne Lloren

DisArm Your Limiting Beliefs with the Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

February 6, 2019

Aired Wednesday, 6 February 2019, 12:00 PM ET

DisArm Your Limiting Beliefs with the Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

Partner up with The Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt and her favourite songs for helping YOU DisArm limiting beliefs!!!

This Unstoppable is a bestselling author, award-winning leader, honored humanitarian, decorated athlete, #1 International Speaker, Ted X speaker oh did I mention also a four-way amputee …the list goes on!!

We’ve invited #UnstoppableTracy to join us on musical chairs to share what songs keep her dancing to the beat of success! Her successes will ‘WOW’ you as she shares how she does common things in the most uncommon way. Tracy’s Limb-It-Less ( limitless) secrets help you to live a no excuse life. She’s about to share them with us as Tracy is next up … In The Chair!!

Visit Tracy at: