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Bryn Blankinship - The Limitless Soul

Bryn Blankinship - The Limitless Soul

July 10, 2019

Bryn Blankinship – The Limitless Soul

Aired Wednesday, 10 July 2019, 8:00 PM ET

Do you believe in an immortal soul? Is there a distinct and separate part of each being that is not bound to the material physical body, transcends the death of the body and returns to be embodied again and again? Is it possible that the memories and experiences of previous incarnations affect our present lives and may even prevent us from finding happiness and fulfillment? If all of this is true, is there a way to reconnect with those past life experiences, reconcile them, clear blockages and move forward in this incarnation with clarity and purpose?

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, Bryn Blankinship, says that this may be achieved by using her hypnoregression technique, “Soul Expression Spiritual Regression” or SESR. Bryn is an award-wining second-generation hypnotherapist , international instructor and author. She served on the original board of the Newton Institute as director of membership from 2005-2012. She has been featured in several documentaries and radio interviews on the subject of past lives and life between lives. Bryn is the founder and Executive Director of the Braithe Center located in North Carolina. Her website is and she joins me this week to discuss her new book, The Limitless Soul—Hypno-Regression Case Studies into Past, Present and Future Lives.

Anne Boudreau - A Human Mosaic

Anne Boudreau - A Human Mosaic

June 19, 2019

Anne Boudreau – A Human Mosaic: Heal, Renew and Develop Self-Worth

Aired Wednesday, 19 June 2019, 8:00 PM ET

Have you ever questioned your self-worth? Were there events in your child hood, teen years and early adult life that made you feel less worthy than others? Are you one of the millions of people who live their lives unfulfilled and unhappy because they are wired into thinking that they are unworthy of enjoying what is their birthright? Is there a way to turn this around, find self-worth and self-love and live the live you deserve to live?

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, Anne Boudreau, says that you can turn this around, find your self-worth and achieve sustainable happiness. She says the science of neuroplasticity is the key to making this happen.

Anne Boudreau is an inspirational author, coach and executive who is devoted to helping others develop healthy self-worth. Anne was born in Santiago Chile, has lived in South America and Europe, traveled extensively and is multi-lingual. She is a graduate of Northwestern University, earning degrees in English and writing. Through her broad exposure to many cultures, she has gained a profound understanding of the importance of spreading acceptance, compassion, respect, peace and love—as these are the sacred qualities that will guide human beings to reconnect with one another and harmoniously unite us as a global community. Anne lives in Atlanta with her husband, three spirited children and three attention hungry canines that rarely leave her side. She joins me to discuss her new book, A Human Mosaic: Heal, Renew and Develop Self-Worth.

Christopher McIntosh - Beyond the North Wind

Christopher McIntosh - Beyond the North Wind

June 12, 2019

Christopher McIntosh – Beyond the North Wind

Aired Wednesday, 12 June 2019, 8:00 PM ET

In 1970, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin composed “The Immigrant Song”. The lyric said, in part;

“We come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow
The hammer of the gods
We’ll drive our ships to new lands
To fight the horde, and sing and cry
Valhalla, I am coming!”

References to Norse mythology may once again be found in mainstream pop culture. Marvel Studio’s blockbuster series of movies featuring Odin, Thor and Loki are drawing record crowds to connect with the energy they represent. Why is there this resurgent interest in the mystic north and are neo-pagans finding new meaning in ancient beliefs and practices.?

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, author and historian Christopher McIntosh, says these ancient roots are resonating again today. Christopher McIntosh is the author of numerous books on various esoteric traditions. He holds a PhD in history from Oxford, a degree in German from London University and a diploma in Russian from the United Nations Language School. He was on the faculty of the Centre for the Study of Esotericism at Exeter University. He lives in Germany from where he is joining me this week to discuss his new book, Beyond the North Wind: The Fall and Rise of the Mystic North.

Felicity Eliot - Share International and Maitreya

Felicity Eliot - Share International and Maitreya

June 5, 2019

Felicity Eliot – Share International and Maitreya

Aired Wednesday, 5 June 2019, 8:00 PM ET

In the mid 1990’s, I attended, graduated from and was ordained through The New Seminary of New York. This ground breaking interfaith seminary was founded by my spiritual teacher, Rabbi Joseph Gelberman. One of the concepts that Rabbi Gelberman shared was that of the fractured messiah. He taught that people of virtually every major religion and faith were awaiting the return of their respective savior and teacher; Christians are awaiting the second coming of Christ, Jews are awaiting Moshiach, Muslims are awaiting the Imam Mahdi, Hindus are awaiting the final incarnation of Vishnu and Buddhists are awaiting the bodhisattva Maitreya. In a world filled with strife, hatred, divisiveness, anger and fear, is there a great teacher who we may look to for answers and deliverance?

As in ages past when humanity had reached a point of crisis, there are those who advocate that a great teacher has come to bring the wisdom needed to help us solve our problems and evolve to a higher level of consciousness. According to Share International, represented by Felicity Eliot, Chief Editor of Share International magazine, the teacher for this age is Maitreya, and he has been in the everyday world since 1977 assisting behind the scenes. He is expected to make a major public appearance very soon.

Felicity Eliot has been an active member of the worldwide Share International group since 1976. She explains information presented and brought up to date by founder Benjamin Creme and draws from a background in the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, Benjamin Creme’s books and her long association with him, as well as more than 40 years study of the works of the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul. She lives in Amsterdam and joins me this evening to discuss the work of Share International and Maitreya.

April Young Bennett - Ask a Suffragist

April Young Bennett - Ask a Suffragist

May 29, 2019

April Young Bennett – Ask a Suffragist

Aired Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 8:00 PM ET

Tuesday, June 4th, will mark the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The amendment, which was ratified on August 18th, 1920, granted women (but not all women) the right to vote. This right was called “women’s suffrage.” It wasn’t until the Civil Rights Act of 1965 that all women, including African American women in many parts of the south and many indigenous women, finally achieved this right. Today, nearly 200 years after women began speaking out for equality, we still find a society where many women are struggling for their rights, are often met with sexism and misogyny and still find the proverbial “glass ceiling” inhibiting their full pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Are their lessons that women of the 21st century can learn from the original suffragists of the 19th century? Can examining their struggle offer new inspiration for today’s women and also open the hearts and minds of men?

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, April Young Bennett, did just that. April Young Bennett began studying the lives of suffragists to inform her own activism. As Communications Director for Voices for Utah Children, she worked within nationwide networks of advocates for changes to state and federal policies affecting children and parents such as pay equity, healthcare, education and juvenile justice. April Young Bennett was a founding organizer and spokesperson for the activist group Ordain Women, which has been featured in respected news outlets such as the New York Times and the Washington Post. Ordain Women collaborates with the Women’s Ordination Conference (Catholic), Ordain Women Now (Lutheran), Women of the Wall (Jewish), the Parliament of World Religions Women’s Task Force and other networks of religious feminists. April produces and hosts the Religious Feminism Podcast, which provides a forum for feminists across a variety of faith communities and secular feminist organizations to learn about each other and work together toward common goals. She blogs about Mormon feminism at, which averages 40,000 unique visitors per month. She joins me this week to discuss her new book, Ask a Suffragist: Stories and Wisdom from America’s First Feminists.

Emma Toynbee - Positively Tarot

Emma Toynbee - Positively Tarot

May 22, 2019

Emma Toynbee – Positively Tarot

Aired Wednesday, 22 May 2019, 8:00 PM ET

In 1980, The Alan Parsons Project released an album with the title song, “The Turn of A Friendly Card.” The Alan Parsons / Eric Woolfson lyric said, in part,

“There are unsmiling faces in fetters and chains
On a wheel in perpetual motion
Who belong to all races and answer all names
With no show of an outward emotion
And they think it will make their lives easier
But the doorway before them is barred
And the game never ends when your whole world depends
On the turn of a friendly card”

The song may have referred to gambling and also the eternal “cards” we are dealt when we enter this existence. What is truly “in the cards” for each of us. Can the art of reading the Tarot give us the insight, guidance and direction necessary to make changes and improve our lives?

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, professional tarot reader Emma Toynbee, says the tarot can provide all-important answers to the many questions of life. Emma Toynbee is a professional metaphysician, clairvoyant reader, astrologer and fine artist trained at St. Martins in London. She studied and has previously taught at the London College of Psychic Studies and runs a London-based practice in Liverpool Street, London. She makes regular appearances at high profile PR and corporate events as a professional tarot reader, most recently at Amazon and Google events. She lives in London, England, and her website is She joins me this week to discuss her story and her new book, Positively Tarot – A Modern Guide to Mindful Living.

Tom Bunn - Panic Free

Tom Bunn - Panic Free

May 15, 2019

Tom Bunn – Panic Free: The Ten Day Program to End Panic, Anxiety and Claustrophobia

Aired Wednesday, 15 May 2019, 8:00 PM ET

Are you afraid of flying? Does the thought of driving through a tunnel frighten you? What about getting into an elevator, being in a small, confined space or even exploring your closets? Are there situations that cause you panic, anxiety, claustrophobia and dread? If so, you are one of the estimated six million Americans who suffer from panic disorder. You may have sought relief with psychotherapy and even medications, only to find that these did not alleviate your symptoms. Is there another way of approaching this debilitating problem and opening your life to fully experiencing everything it has to offer?

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, Tom Bunn, says there is and you can achieve this in just ten days without drugs or doctors. Tom Bunn is a licensed therapist and a regular contributor to Psychology Today. He is a former U. S. Air Force Captain who flew the Air Force’s first supersonic jet fighter, the F-100. Following his service, he was an airline pilot during which time he began examining and addressing flight panic. His further work and research led him to a greater understanding of the neuro mechanisms of panic and anxiety and the development of his program. His website is and he joins me this week to discuss his new book, Panic Free: The Ten Day Program to End Panic, Anxiety and Claustrophobia.

Kim Russo - Your Soul Purpose

Kim Russo - Your Soul Purpose

May 8, 2019

Kim Russo – Your Soul Purpose

Aired Wednesday, 8 May 2019, 8:00 PM ET

There are questions as old as the first human developed the ability to ask them. “Why are we here on this earth?” “Does life have significance and meaning?” “Are there lessons we’ve come to learn?” “Is there a higher purpose for all of us to aspire to?” Answering these questions is difficult for most of us but my guest this week on Destination Unlimited, world famous psychic medium Kim Russo, possesses a unique gift that allows here to see what many of us cannot.

Kim Russo, known around the world as “The Happy Medium,” starred on Lifetime Movie Network’s popular show, The Haunting Of… , and speaks annually at hundreds of presentations across the United States. In her first book, The Happy Medium, she shared how at a very young age, she realized that she could communicate with the dead and offered lessons from her experience.

In her brand new book, Your Soul Purpose—How to Access the Light Within, she guides us to embrace love, let go of fear and discover the spiritual tools we already possess to find the deeper meaning of our existence and fulfill our destiny.

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman - Mensch-Marks

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman - Mensch-Marks

May 1, 2019

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman – Mensch-Marks

Aired Wednesday, 1 May 2019, 8:00 PM ET

We are all human begins. We live in a time when our humanity seems to be tested on an almost daily basis. Recent violent attacks on people of faith from many religions in many lands anger us, sadden us, befuddle us and leave us asking the eternal question, “Why”? What can each of us individually and collectively do to turn this around, find our common humanity, bring light where there is darkness and love where there is hate? How may we express in our daily lives the ideal that is found in the basic tenets of virtually every faith, to love our neighbors as ourselves?

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, refers us to the ancient Jewish oral law called the Talmud which says, “In a world that lacks humanity, be human.” Rabbi Hammerman is the spiritual leader of Temple Beth El in Stamford, Connecticut. He is a regular contributor to The New York Jewish Week, The Times of Israel, The Jewish Telegraphic Agency and The Religion News Service. His personal essays have appeared in the New York Times Magazine and The Washington Post. He is the winner of the 2018 Religion News Association Award for Excellence in Commentary. He has served as the president of the Interfaith Council of Southwestern Connecticut, The Stamford Board of Rabbis and as Chaplain for the Stamford Police Department. He is a rabbi, journalist, father, husband, Red Sox fan and an aspiring mensch.

He joins me this week to discuss his story and his just released book, Mensch-Marks—Life Lessons of a Human Rabbi.

Dr. Heather Lynn - Evil Archaeology

Dr. Heather Lynn - Evil Archaeology

April 24, 2019

Dr. Heather Lynn – Evil Archaeology

Aired Wednesday, 24 April 2019, 8:00 PM ET

I launched Destination Unlimited because of my life-long fascination with both science and spirituality and how these two disciplines intersect. Archeology is the science that studies human history through the excavation of ancient sites and the analysis of artifacts found at those sites. Some of those sites and the artifacts found within them have had curses, possession and other negative entities attributed to them. Is this real? Can the archaeological record prove the existence of demons and malevolent entities?

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, Dr. Heather Lynn, is an expert in this field and what she has to share may surprise you! Heather Lynn is a true Renaissance Woman with multiple accomplishments in many fields. She is an author, historian, and renegade archaeologist, on a quest to uncover the truth behind ancient mysteries. She holds numerous degrees and certificates in both history and archaeology and is a member of professional organizations, including: the American Historical Association, the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA), Association of Ancient Historians, and the World Archaeological Congress. She left a life in academia to pursue her fascination with the unexplained and now investigates ancient mysteries, lost civilizations, hidden history, ancient aliens, and the occult. Heather’s work exposes our hidden history, challenging the accepted narrative found in mainstream history books. In addition to appearances on radio programs like Coast to Coast AM and Fade to Black, Heather has been a historical consultant for television programs, including History’s Ancient Aliens. In her spare time, she plays the French horn in a local symphony orchestra whose performances raise money to provide art and cultural education to low-income communities. She loves tennis, classical music, and a good cup of tea.

Her website is and she joins me this week to discuss her new book, Evil Archaeology: Demons, Possessions and Sinister Relics.