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Water is Life is Not a Protest but a World Wide Movement

March 12, 2017

Aired Sunday, 12 March 2017, 2:00 PM ET

Water is Life is Not a Protest but a World Wide Movement

I welcome to the table Tasha Hanna and Jim Graywolf Petruzzi to update and discuss the truth and how this movement can be supported by all.

Tasha is a board member of Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother non-profit. – . This valuable information is being presented with hopes that you will be inspired to help us protect our invaluable water. Let us protect our fresh water from ultimate destruction. Peaceful protests are happening all over the country; will you join the war? Is ignorance really bliss if all of our food and water are gone? It’s time we step up as a people… One people, one color, ONE blood… We are all brothers and sisters and its time we stand up against the evil in this World – one oil pipeline at a time. This is only the beginning.

The peaceful Rainbow Warriors prophecised by our ancestors have stepped into their power and are making the world become aware of what is destroying our planet ecologically and future generations will be nonexistant if we do not stop now. This is not political stance, standing rock camp. It is just the voices of those who care. People all over the world are lending their support. Time for all t o be heard, to protect the children of the world that is occurring and specifically to discuss the facts of the movement and how it can be supported by all Water is Life is not a protest but a World Wide Movement.

I am very grateful for Tasha Hanna and Jim Graywolf Petruzzi for joining me this Sunday, March 12, to discuss what is occuring there, and what this means for the ecology of the planet, the waters and how the coming to humanity world wide.

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