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The Evolution of a Soul in Light

May 21, 2017

Aired Sunday, 21 May 2017, 2:00 PM ET

The Evolution of a Soul in Light

I am thrilled to have Marlene, back at the table with us in discussion of her work and the trilogy of Hilarion books.

About the Guest: Marlene Swetlishoff

Marlene has been a lifetime student of the arcane mysteries in her quest for knowledge throughout her spiritual journey and is an Eighth Degree member of Astara, A Place of Light, a modern day Mystery School. Marlene receives messages from the Realms ofLight through the telepathic transmission. This began after having to retire from her school’s secretary’s position because of an ongoing physical disability due to long-term rheumatoid arthritis. Throughout her life, she has had ongoing and varied challenges which she has successfully circumnavigated by focusing on the positive, thereby developing strength of mind and creative multi-dimensional spiritual purpose to make up for the lack of strength in her physical vehicle. She has taken a weakness and turned itinto a strength.”Marlene is a Divine Luminary, Angelic Ambassador and Messenger of Hope whose work is divinely designed to awaken, uplift and shift the consciousness of humanity into the new age of Light. More specifically, her primary task is to open the multi-dimensional chambers within the hearts of many people, allowing them to feel the divine presence ofSpirit within their body, mind and soul. As an Angelic writer and researcher, Marlene brings forth many channeled messages from the higher dimensions of Light, the Angelic Kingdoms and the Ascended Master realms to awaken and inspire humanity.As a Messenger of Hope and Divine Luminary, Marlene brings her unique healing gifts of divine love and inspired interpretation to the masses in many ways. Marlene’s focus is on heart awakening and spiritual activation of humanity and helping others to find their divine soul purpose .

Her work assists one to feel divine love and to experience the presence and touch of the Angels and Masters in their everyday life. Her offerings both rekindle faith in Spirit and bring a new sense of peace, support and empowerment to all those who cross her path.” ~ Bryan deFlores ~

Marlene works with energy modalities and is a qualified Lightwaves Energy Infusion©practitioner. She is also a qualified Quick Pulse© practitioner as well as an AdvancedPulse© practitioner. Marlene is the author of ‘The Hilarion Connection©Books One, Two and Three’ which are available on and its online stores across the world and the books are available for distribution to bookstores through Amazon.


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