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Spiritual Telepathy with Colleen Mauro

May 22, 2016

Aired Sunday, 22 May 2016, 10:00 PM ET

Colleen Mauro founded Intuition Magazine to introduce readers to the emerging field of intuition development. In her new book, she provides mind-training techniques designed to help readers access the wisdom and guidance of their own souls—and through the soul, to the divine or universal mind. This more advanced form of intuitive perception is called spiritual telepathy. The techniques she introduces come from a body of knowledge called the Ageless Wisdom. Also called the esoteric or mystery teachings, this wisdom was first put into book form by the Hindu sage Patanjali in his classic book, The Yoga Sutras. For her book, Colleen draws on a variety of cultures and spiritual traditions, both ancient and modern, and explains how the new science validates these ancient teachings. She shares her own experiences and introduces readers to others who have also used these practices.

Topics for Discussion

The Three Types of Telepathy

In experiments dating back to the nineteenth century, scientists have validated two types of telepathy: instinctual, or feeling-based, telepathy and mental, or mind-to-mind, telepathy. The Wisdom teachings tell us that there is another, higher type of telepathy called soul-to-soul, or spiritual telepathy.

Spiritual telepathy is the higher correspondence to our personal intuition. Our personal intuition provides guidance about our day-to-day lives. The soul knows our higher purpose; it is our divine partner, our highest and most reliable source of direction and guidance.

Creative Meditation

We make contact the soul through the daily practice of creative meditation. Many meditation practices focus only on quieting the mind. In this type of meditation, we go a step further and actively train our minds to transmit information from the soul to the brain. In the same way that our homes are wired for telephone and internet connection, creative meditation allows us to create the threads and cables that will link us to the higher worlds.

Our Evolutionary Step

When we make contact with the soul, we take our first steps into the subtle worlds and cross the boundary from human to superhuman development. Those of us who take this step are the pioneers who will lead the way from one stage of our species evolution to the next.

Refinement Practices

To create a direct line of communication between the soul and the brain, we need to purify our bodies and quiet our minds and emotions. Illness, fatigue and mental or emotional static make it hard for our brains to register higher wisdom and ideas. Refinement practices are a part of all our spiritual traditions. Although the methods vary from tradition to tradition, the requirements and goals are the same: purity of body, control of the emotions, and stability of mind. The book includes a variety of easy to use refinement practices.

The Everyday Genius

The wisdom teachings tell us that the soul is the portal or gateway to the higher worlds. When we make contact with the soul, we have access to the universal or divine mind, the storehouse of all wisdom and knowledge. Our most celebrated creative thinkers—those people we call geniuses or visionaries—have all had the ability to access the higher worlds. Colleen’s research shows us that genius is not a rare and random event but an experience each of us can cultivate.

Meditations and Practices

The book contains several practices and twelve meditations, including three progressive meditations to link the mind and soul.

About the Author Colleen Mauro

Colleen Mauro was the founder and editor-in-chief of Intuition Magazine. Intuition explored the higher potential of the mind and the many and varied ways of knowing—intuition, inspiration and telepathy—providing both research and how-to information in easy-to-read form for the general reader. A lifelong interest in the untapped powers of the mind led to Colleen Mauro to launch Intuition: A Magazine for the Higher Potential of the Mind in 1988. Her thirty years of experience in magazine publishing includes work as a publisher, editor, advertising director, and circulation and marketing consultant. Intuition explored the higher potential of the mind and the many and varied ways of knowing—intuition, inspiration and telepathy—providing both research and how-to information in easy-to-read form for the general reader.

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