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Passionate Living – Dr. Lexis Johnson

November 2, 2015

Aired Monday, 2 November 2015, 9:00 PM ET

Do you know anyone that doesn’t know how to monetize their value? Every life story, every tragedy, every lesson, every mishap and every step can be turned into a profitable goldmine. By sharing your journey you too can become a top selling author in no time at all. To hear an amazing journey of one woman’s plight and then flight to success and to see how you can soar to financial freedom join us on this week’s Passionate Living at 6PM Pacific Time / 9 PM Eastern time to hear our esteemed guest Dr. Lexis Johnson unravel the mystery to publishing success today!

About the Guest Dr. Lexis Johnson

You know how IM biz owners hit a glass ceiling with database size? You know how most authors struggle to write a book and to get it to become a number one” Best Seller” on Amazon? Do you anyone who doesn’t know how to monetize their value? Have you ever known anyone with a garage full of books they’ve written but they simply can’t sell? Ouch!!!!!

I solve these problems and so much more!!!!!


By providing a surefire marketing/author platform that makes it almost effortless to wind up an Amazon Best Seller

I did it and so can YOU! I even guaranteed online TV appearances & media citations to help you monetize your programs; grow your database; affiliate with like-minded JV partners and start your path to literary and financial success…