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Love to Share with Crystal Begley

September 10, 2015

Aired Thursday, 10 September 2015, 9:00 PM ET

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could do it all. Raise children, have a successful career, help others, lead and live a beautiful and glorious life and somehow always look, like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine… now that’s a fantasy come true. Today’s guest Crystal Begley takes success to a brand new level and her tool and most profitable secret is the ultimate power of love.

About Guest Crystal Begley

Crystal Begley may look like a high powered fashion model. Her breathtaking appearance draws eyes from the crowd and somehow you can’t stop staring at what many would consider human, art. She is natural perfection just glistening and radiating everywhere she goes. The most beautiful thing about her though is not on the outside but deep, deep, within.

Crystal may tell you she’s a Life Coach which is an understatement. Working by referral only she helps, changes, elevates and opens lives like no one before. Her heart and soul connection is so strong people evolve in evolutionary time, speeding thru years of trauma to jump on the happiness train and in no time at all, theirs lives and their dreams are in sync and she has cast another wonderment in the universe of fantastic.

She’ll smile sweetly when you ask her what she coaches on; “Healing, Mothering, breaking thru fears, Results …

I have to smile. So, she does it all.

Mothering, she coaches in Mothering? Is that really on the list? You bet, Crystal is a proud Mother of seven and her ability to love and to share and to care and to raise these beautiful children is astonishing.

Maybe we should talk to her about Independence and Self Reliance in a world where people find what’s hard and difficult, she finds ways to give more, be more, live more and love more at every turn.

You can look at her accolades from the music industry to being a real estate tycoon. She knows the market, the industry, the key to success but mostly, she knows people. I mean she really knows people and how to see them in a new way. She sees everyone she meets through the eyes of one who was given the gift of insight, vision, grace, beauty and light.

Crystal is also the host of the IDA the International Design Awards which share the brilliance of the creative minds from around the world. She calls herself an “art enthusiast” as she promotes creativity and individuality in art and design. Crystal says; she likes to shine the light of those who otherwise would not be seen.

You can’t be missed when you’re in her world. Her light is infinite and bright, glorious and magnificent and her children are in the center surrounding by artistic magic and of course the power of her presence, time and love.

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