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Is Your Body A Battleground or Playground of Possibilities?

April 27, 2016

Aired Wednesday, 27 April 2016, 7:00 PM ET

What are your points of view about your body? Most of us have beliefs that we consider truths – whether it’s that bodies are hard to control or change, that they are basically evil while spirit is good, or that bodies are not consciousness and cannot be our friends. What if none of that is true and all of it creates your body as a battle ground? Would you like a different possibility with your body?

Join Pam Houghteling and special guest, body whisperer Juna Guetter, for an eye opening show about changing your relationship with your body.

About the Guest Juna Guetter

Juna Guetter is a Mover and Connector of Possibilities. Inspiring individuals and groups for 25 years in the fields of dance, conscious embodiment, and personal empowerment, she invites people into greater joy, ease and communion with their bodies and their lives.

Having studied various techniques including Reflexology, Psychotherapy, Social Work, NLP, Landmark Education, Nia™ (Black Belt), EFT, and Access Consciousness®, Juna has an intrinsic capacity for allowance that sparks people into the greatness of being who they truly are. Since 2009, Juna has been working internationally as an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator and since 2013 as an Access Consciousness® 3-Day Body Class Facilitator.

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