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How Our Angels Really Do Protect Us

May 14, 2016

How Our Angels Really Do Protect Us with Special Guest Mary Keena Donnellan

Aired Saturday, 14 May 2016, 3:00 PM ET

We receive so much help and protection from our angels. Becoming aware of this really opens up a whole new world for us.

They are constantly communicating with us in our night time dreams, with their repetitive signs that we see and hear as we go about our daily lives and through our thoughts and ideas.

Opening up to their communication builds a deep connection, a deep faith and a deep inner knowing that they have our backs.

On this journey of life, our process of ascension, we need to know about the help we have and as our faith becomes unshakeable, so too do we. Everything is and always will be alright.

Mary Keena Donnellan lives in Co Galway, Ireland. She is an angel card reader offering spiritual guidance and help on your life’s path. She is also an author. Her first book “Coincidences…or are they?” Was guided by Spirit to help others open up to their signs and synchronicities just as they had taught Mary to do.

Mary has completed and been trained through many workshops, meditation groups, card reading groups and has been reading since 2010.

Her readings give down to earth guidance on how to help you on your life’s path, how to help yourself move forward and clear old patterns and family traits. She does not foretell the future as she believes that we all create our own futures by the choices we make. She will help you see the bigger picture more clearly. There is a process we all go through in life, one step at a time and her readings highlight the next step and bring your attention to what you need to focus on.

Through her own experiences with Spirit, she has been shown how they send signs and synchronistic happenings to us, to let us know that they are around and helping us to make our own decisions through our intuition and receiving confirmation with their signs. It is an ingenious system and Mary is still in awe every day at the way the Universe helps her with even the smallest decision in her life.