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Eclipse Energy & Energy Waves

August 23, 2017

Aired Wednesday, 23 August 2017, 4:00 PM ET

Eclipse Energy & Energy Waves

Energy waves are dictated by many things. One of the most current waves we are experiencing is some very powerful energy from the eclipse, and let’s just say it’s intense… Most likely you are experiencing one of two things:

IF you are spiritual aligned for the most part. You will find you are taking care of old “loose ends” and things that have been bugging you for a while. You might be cleaning, fixing things, addressing something that’s been needing to be tended to.

IF you are not spiritually aligned so well. You will find you might be feeling lethargic, achy, physical issues, tired, even depressed, and just “off”. Like I mentioned this wave is intensifying all things. If you are experiencing any of these things this is an indication that you are not handling somethings that need addressing.

On today’s show, we will talk about:

~ The effects of energy waves.
~ How to adjust when an energy wave comes through.
~ What to expect from the energy of the eclipse.

About the Guest: Keao Friedrich

Affectionately known as “the go-to Healer for Healers” amongst her peers, Keao is a Spiritual Medium, Speaker and creator of The Petal Process. The Petal Process is a transformational healing method of energy reading to help cultivate clarity and intuition.

Since coming out of the closet as a Spiritual Medium, Keao has lovingly connected with many individuals and families who have lost their loved ones (including pets) delivering heart healing messages with compassion and clarity. She also runs The Mindful Lounge, an online community and video series for anyone raising the vibration of love and healing in the World.

Keao’s home base is in Americas’ Finest City, San Diego and her in-house support team consists of her husband, two daughters and two fur boys.

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