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Dr. Heather Lynn - Evil Archaeology

April 24, 2019

Dr. Heather Lynn – Evil Archaeology

Aired Wednesday, 24 April 2019, 8:00 PM ET

I launched Destination Unlimited because of my life-long fascination with both science and spirituality and how these two disciplines intersect. Archeology is the science that studies human history through the excavation of ancient sites and the analysis of artifacts found at those sites. Some of those sites and the artifacts found within them have had curses, possession and other negative entities attributed to them. Is this real? Can the archaeological record prove the existence of demons and malevolent entities?

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, Dr. Heather Lynn, is an expert in this field and what she has to share may surprise you! Heather Lynn is a true Renaissance Woman with multiple accomplishments in many fields. She is an author, historian, and renegade archaeologist, on a quest to uncover the truth behind ancient mysteries. She holds numerous degrees and certificates in both history and archaeology and is a member of professional organizations, including: the American Historical Association, the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA), Association of Ancient Historians, and the World Archaeological Congress. She left a life in academia to pursue her fascination with the unexplained and now investigates ancient mysteries, lost civilizations, hidden history, ancient aliens, and the occult. Heather’s work exposes our hidden history, challenging the accepted narrative found in mainstream history books. In addition to appearances on radio programs like Coast to Coast AM and Fade to Black, Heather has been a historical consultant for television programs, including History’s Ancient Aliens. In her spare time, she plays the French horn in a local symphony orchestra whose performances raise money to provide art and cultural education to low-income communities. She loves tennis, classical music, and a good cup of tea.

Her website is and she joins me this week to discuss her new book, Evil Archaeology: Demons, Possessions and Sinister Relics.