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Beauty in Imperfection

May 20, 2019

Beauty in Imperfection

Aired Monday, 20 May 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

What if being imperfect was actually beautiful? What have you decided is a wrongness that is actually a strongness? What if everything you thought was bad, evil, ugly and awful about you isn’t? Do you realize you are perfect in your imperfections? How wrong were you made growing up? Even in elementary school, do you remember being told that you were doing something the wrong way when you were just doing it your way? Were you ever told that everything you enjoyed about you was wrong?

Picture being in an elementary school art class. You’re sitting there, all sorts of excited, paints, pencils and pens all spread out around your piece of paper. The teacher starts the class and you are ready to draw. However, instead of allowing you to draw whatever, you have to draw this one picture, this one certain way. And if you do anything outside of that, you get scolded. You look a little confused as you learn this but shrug it off. You start drawing. The teacher is walking everyone through how to draw a quail and shows you the final picture before starting on a fresh paper. However, instead of following her, you start drawing the quail your own way and finish the whole thing. It is standing stockily with its wings spread out around it. It looks alive. A beautiful masterpiece that challenges the teacher’s work. When the teacher sees you stop working, she walks over and sees it. Her eyes sparkle with amazement as she runs her fingertips over the piece before suddenly stopping to scold you. She chastises you, telling you how wrong you are for not following her exact instructions and following your own creativity, imagination and awareness. The next week in art class, you remember how she did that and you try to conform to her point of view. For the whole time you’re in that class, you struggle and struggle, trying to make it perfect but instead you fall to the bottom of your class. What if the piece you made was simply an expression of beautiful you? What if you were never meant to do things the way others do but just the way you do? Do you realize you are brilliant in your imperfections?

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