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Are You Committed To Your Business?

August 8, 2016

Aired Monday, 8 August 2016, 4:00 PM ET

Join Simone Milasas, business mentor, author & international speaker, as she speaks with Rebecca Hulse, Francesca Fiorintini, Andrea Lazenby, Haris Omanovic and Katarina Nilsson, all Joy of Business Certified Facilitators, about committing to your business and what that can actually create! What have you defined commitment as and are you using it to limit your business or expand the possibilities?

Have you ever wished for things for your life or business? Have you wished to make more money or to expand your business globally or travel while you work? Here’s the catch, everything you ‘wish’ for is where you are not being committed to that actually showing up. What if you could move from ‘wishing’ into actually creating and actualizing the business you know is possible? What would it look like to 100% commit to you and your life? Don’t miss this episode for live facilitation and more tips and tools for creating and committing to your business!

About the Guests Rebecca Hulse, Francesca Fiorintini, Andrea Lazenby, Haris Omanovic and Katarina Nilsson

Rebecca Hulse is an ongoing work in progress and walking proof that “impossible is temporary” in a body. At 13 she began a career as a public speaker and to date has spoken to 300 teens on the power of choice to make their dreams a reality. By age 20 every item on her “bucket list” was checked off so she began creating a new one with a godzillion more adventures to accomplish. So far the results have been fast and fantastic. From her cozy Christchurch home in New Zealand, Rebecca Hulse reaches a global audience from Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, the US, and Europe. Her writing has been featured in MindBodyGreen, NotSalmon, Wild Sister, My Yoga Online, Elephant Journal, Girlfriendology, Classy Career Girl,, and just to name a few. So far, she has published three books. You can learn more about Rebecca by visiting her website.

Working on the Joy of Business team for Francesca Fiorintini is about creating more happiness in the world of business. She would love to show more people that by being them they can create a totally different reality – with the tools of Access Consciousness® it’s easy to create a different financial reality too! Acknowledging the joy and brilliance Francesca has in business has been a fun and ongoing journey that never stops – what Francesca now knows is that it isn’t about the skills or details – it’s about who you are. Now Francesca travels all around the world for business and Access Consciousness® exploring different cultures, countries and businesses. You can see her upcoming classes, and world adventures at:

Katarina Nilsson is a coach with an ICF diploma, a certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and a Certified Joy of Business Facilitator. She has been a consultant in the area of brand naming for the past 15 years and runs the naming agency Eqvarium that helps organizations to create names for products and services. ( Katarina as an artist and offers her vibrant, bright paintings to private buyers and companies all around the world. Visit to view her art and for more information.

Andrea Lazenby is a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and Joy of Business Facilitator. Using her talents, gifts and abilities to change lives. Helping you get unstuck from your limiting points of view to create a life you could never imagine possible. Find out more about Andrea and her classes here:

Haris Omanovic, Joy of Business and Access Consciousness certified facilitator, has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade with experiences in sales, marketing, media, services and finances. He has been in life-coaching and personal growth business for the last five years. Together with participants in his classes, personal sessions and on seminars all around the world, he is exploring what life can be, what we can be with our bodies, with other people, with this planet and what is more we can create. He is interested in unconceivable living and life beyond our imagination. You can join Haris on an adventure of exploring and check out his upcoming classes here: