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5 Ways to be an Epic Lover

April 4, 2022

5 Ways to be an Epic Lover

Air Date: Monday, 4 April 2022 at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT

Tuesday, 5 April 2022 at 9:00 AM Singapore

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In this episode, Eros Evolution host, Relationship Counselor and Clinical Sexologist Dr Martha Lee will share her top five tips to be a better lover regardless of your gender identity and sexual orientation! They include: 1) where you touch; 2) how you touch; 3) how you build up sexual pleasure; 4) sexual communication; and 5) mirroring!

Born and bred Singaporean Chinese, Dr. Martha Tara Lee is Relationship Counselor and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching. She has a doctorate in human sexuality, masters in counselling and two other degrees. In practice for 12 years, Dr. Lee is also the appointed Resident Sexologist for sexual wellness boutique and Clinical Sexologist of Singapore Cancer Society. She was recognised as one of ‘Top 50 Inspiring Women under 40’ by Her World in July 2010, and one of ‘Top 100 Inspiring Women’ by CozyCot in March 2011. She is the author of Love, Sex and Everything In-Between (2013), Orgasmic Yoga: Masturbation, Meditation and Everything In-Between (2015), From Princess to Queen: Heartbreaks, Heartgasms and Everything In-Between (2017), and {Un}Inhihibited (2019).

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