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5 Levels of Intimacy - Allowance

July 1, 2019

5 Levels of Intimacy – Allowance

Aired Monday, 1 July 2019, 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST

Imaging taking a walk with someone you have a crush on. It is just you and them. Your mind is going 100 miles a minute and you’re just trying your best do not do anything dumb. But of course when you’re trying not to be dumb that’s when you stumble over your very words. Judgment after judgment comes into your mind as you continue to walk thinking about how dumb you just looked and sounded. However, what if you didn’t have to have these judgments? What if you could be in allowance of all of you, even what you deem as “mistakes”? What magic could come from that? When you are with a little sister who won’t stop leaving you alone or stuck behind an old man who is walking slowly on a busy street, are you in allowance of them? Do you get frustrated and lash out quickly or do you stay patient and communicate with them? Are you the same way with yourself? Is that currently creating greater? Being in allowance of yourself and others can be one of the biggest contributions to everyone and everything around you, including yourself. When you are in allowance, you don’t get frustrated as easily, you are able to communicate concerns with those around you and any stress levels can lower… a lot. What if you were in allowance of you all the time? Would that be fun for you? Would it create greater?

Venus Castleberg will be discussing allowance on the radio show, Outside the Impossible, on OmTimes radio on Monday, July 1st at 12 p.m. PST/3p.m. EST.