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Bob Trask - Trust In The Divine and KNOW Our Loved Ones Are With Us

Bob Trask - Trust In The Divine and KNOW Our Loved Ones Are With Us

March 27, 2019

Bob Trask – Trust In The Divine and KNOW Our Loved Ones Are With Us

Aired Wednesday, 27 March 2019 at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Listen to Cynthia Rose as she speaks with heart centered Bob Trask. He will share real life stories of learning to trust and his experience of a reading with Cynthia Rose at Unity of Bellingham Church.

Stand in your Sunlight for the last show (On Hiatus at this time).

About the Guest: Bob Trask

A life of adventure:

As a boy, living among the Indians of New Mexico, Bob learned early to follow the old ways of the Navajos and Pueblos. Their teaching about how Great Spirit moves in all things eventually helped him survive poverty, street gangs of housing projects and the fists of his drunken stepfather. His understanding of that truth galvanized in him the clarity, courage and confidence to become efficient in the uplifting and enriching of lives around the world. Bob Trask’s life has been one of constant adventure, accomplishment and self-discovery. His multiple careers, starting at age 12 have each taught and molded his thinking.

In 1976, as a Master Sea Captain, he brought his vessel and passengers safely through a deadly hurricane and this event became a catalyst in discovering his life’s purpose in helping uplift and enrich the lives of others through their understanding of their spiritual power.

In 1979 Bob created the non-profit ARAS Foundation. Under that umbrella he, his wife Mary Trask and their team have fed and clothed thousands of poor and homeless families, sent more than 6000 bicycles to African villages and regularly support orphanages, children’s hospitals and other excellent organizations.

Bob Trask has four successful books: Living Free in English, Spanish and Portuguese; God’s Phone Number in English and Portuguese, Romancing the Soul in Japanese and English and Tulipp The Layman’s Guide to Emergency Medical Rescue in English. And ready for publication are three new works: the children’s series: Tales from the Great Meadow, the instructive: The Be, Do, Have Triangle, and the novel: Night Lady.

To date, Bob has designed and taught personal success programs to hundreds of thousands in thirteen countries and now brings his expertise and experience to his role as minister of Unity Spiritual Center.

Elisabeth Grace - Grace Astrology

Elisabeth Grace - Grace Astrology

March 20, 2019

Elisabeth Grace – Grace Astrology

Aired Wednesday, 20 March 2019 at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Elisabeth Grace earned her B.A. in Philosophy at Wellesley College. She is an ISAR CAP-certified consulting astrologer and a highest honors graduate of Noel Tyl’s masters course for professional astrologers. Freelancing at WNBC and CNBC inspired her must-read forecast reporting on the astonishing synchronicity of headline news and planetary patterns. She has been published in The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope. She teaches and lectures, where the skills she learned as a stand-up comic come in handy.

My niche is the astonishing synchronicity of planetary patterns and daily headlines — a.k.a. astrology for news junkies.

Please check out the forecasts on my website. Also please look at the articles posted here:





Dr. Deva Khalsa VMD - The Allergic Pet

Dr. Deva Khalsa VMD - The Allergic Pet

March 13, 2019

The Allergic Pet: Holistic Solutions to End the Allergy Epidemic in Our Dogs and Cats with Dr. Deva Khalsa VMD

Aired Wednesday, 13 March 2019 at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Please join Cynthia Rose and her guest, Dr Deva Khalsa, VMD as they discuss the The Allergic Pet. Holistic Solutions to end the allergy epidemic in our Dogs and Cats.

As a highly progressive thinker, Dr. Deva Khalsa does not exclude any body of medical or health theory; instead, she becomes educated about as many forms possible. She then evaluates them and applies the most effective techniques in each, resulting in a career-long history and reputation as a life-saver for ailing animals who would not have survived had they not been brought to her for treatment. In sum, Dr. Deva has been able to integrate the best of all possible worlds and as a result, has been able to create incredibly effective treatment protocols.

Dr. Deva’s passion for providing good health and healing to our animal companions has led her to travel the world, to places such as England, India and Brazil, where she worked side by side with each country’s finest veterinarians and homeopaths. It is because of Dr. Deva’s willingness and keen ability to embrace the best of each of these healing ‘worlds’ that she is so often featured as veterinary expert on all forms of radio and television, from National Public Radio, to Martha Stewart’s Veterinary Satellite Radio show, to her many appearances on major television networks.

Dr. Deva earned her degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. From her earliest years as a veterinarian, Dr. Deva trained in homeopathy, along with many other holistic modalities, and soon began developing her own treatment protocols drawing from her rapidly growing knowledge base.

Since beginning her holistically oriented veterinary practice over 25 years ago, Dr. Deva has been incorporating homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, nutritional advice, allergy-elimination techniques such as N.A.E.T. . Today her work is a blend of sophisticated holistic techniques and traditional veterinary medicine designed to best enhance the natural strengths and attributes of her patient.

Aside from her impressive career and dedication to teaching within the veterinary world, Dr. Deva loves sharing her knowledge with the public. She co-authored, Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies (Howell Book House, 1993), and most recently authored, ‘Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog’ (Kennel Club Books, 2009), a book best described as a ‘holistic bible’ for dog owners. Dr. Deva is presently working on a similar book for the caretakers of cats, as anyone who knows cats, knows that no one ever ‘owns’ a cat!

Cynthia Rose McCaw - Living with A Disability

Cynthia Rose McCaw - Living with A Disability

March 6, 2019

Cynthia Rose McCaw – Living with A Disability

Aired Wednesday, 6 March 2019 at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Join Cynthia Rose as she discusses living with a disability and relating to those with a disability. It’s time for us to realize all lives matter and everyone is having a unique experience. Let us come together and honor the meaning in each life. Are you ever nervous to approach someone with a disability? Hear other people‘s experiences and how we can connect with those we might be wishing to reach out to and not know how.

We are here and you can call in at: 1-202-570-7057

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Dr. Lisa Young - Finally Full, Finally Slim

Dr. Lisa Young - Finally Full, Finally Slim

February 27, 2019

Finally Full, Finally Slim with Dr. Lisa Young

Aired Wednesday, 27 February 2019 at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Dr. Lisa Young discusses her new book, Finally Full, Finally Slim and will talk about items such as food portions, mindset, environment, habits, and life among the different topics.

About Dr. Lisa Young:

Dr. Lisa Young is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) in private practice and has been counseling adults and children for more than 25 years. Young offers individual counseling sessions on a wide variety of nutrition related issues including obesity and weight control, disease prevention, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, pregnancy, lactation, and gastrointestinal disorders. Dr. Young has been involved in clinical obesity research studies at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and at St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center; and has consulted for various weight management programs in New York City.

Irene O’Garden - Risking the Rapids

Irene O’Garden - Risking the Rapids

February 20, 2019

Risking the Rapids: How My Wilderness Adventure Healed My Childhood with Irene O’Garden

Aired Wednesday, 20 February 2019 at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Irene O’Garden has won or been nominated for prizes in nearly every writing category from stage to e-screen, hardcovers, children’s books as well as literary magazines and anthologies. Her critically-acclaimed play Women on Fire (Samuel French), starring Judith Ivey, played to sold-out houses at Off-Broadway’s Cherry Lane Theatre, and was nominated for a Lucille Lortel Award. Her new play, Little Heart, won her a Berilla Kerr Playwriting Fellowship and was awarded full development at the New Harmony Play Project. O’Garden was awarded a Pushcart Prize for her lyric essay “Glad to Be Human,” (Untreed Reads.) Harper published her first memoir Fat Girl and Nirala Press recently published Fulcrum: Selected Poems, which contains her prize-winning poem “Nonfiction.” On January 31, 2019 O’Garden’s upcoming memoir, Risking the Rapids: How My Wilderness Adventure Healed My Childhood is being published by Mango Publishing.

O’Garden’s poems and essays have been featured in dozens of literary journals and award- winning anthologies (including A Slant of Light, USA Book award Best Anthology), and she has been honored with an Alice Desmond Award and an Oppenheimer for her children’s books.

A seasoned and entertaining presenter both on stage and video, O’Garden has appeared at top literary venues: including The Player’s Club, the Bowery Poetry Club, Nuyorican Poetry Café, and KGB in Manhattan; The Poetry Café, Mycennae House and Vinyl Deptford in London, and all throughout the Hudson Valley. She’s a regular contributor to 650―Where Writers Read, in New York City and Sarah Lawrence College and has received several grants from Poets and Writers. Irene also presents to an audience of hundreds annually at the Global Seth Conference.

O’Garden has presented at children’s literature conferences at Vassar and NYU and teaches poetry workshops at New York City schools. She is especially pleased to bring the national River Of Words program to Hudson Valley schools under the auspices of The Beacon Institute of Rivers and Estuaries. O’Garden is a proud member of The Dramatists Guild, The Authors Guild, Actor’s Equity Association, The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and The Society of Scribes.

Irene O’Garden has lived joyfully with her husband John Pielmeier for over 40 years. Pielmeier, who is most known for his play Agnes of God, also writes movies and miniseries for television. In 2018 Scribner published his first novel, Hook’s Tale, and his stage adaptation of The Exorcist played London’s West End and will open in New York this year. They live and write in Garrison, NY.

For more info:

Celebrity Love Architect - Kailen Rosenberg

Celebrity Love Architect - Kailen Rosenberg

February 13, 2019

Aired Wednesday, 13 February 2019 at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Celebrity Love Architect – Kailen Rosenberg

For anyone who has wondered why they just aren’t experiencing the love and partner they deserve in life, our guest today is Kailen say KAY-len Rosenberg, creator of the Real Reveal® love-readiness assessment. Kailen, what can the Real Reveal tell us about our love relationships?

About the Guest:

Kailen Rosenberg is CEO and founder of Love Architects by Kailen, an elite matchmaking and love design firm that remodels the love lives of some of the world’s most influential people. Working within each client’s love life “from the inside out,” she brings healthy, happy relationships into the world, one successful single, married couple, and family at a time. Kailen is transforming the face of love on this planet through her new Real Reveal® test, which uncovers the truth about who people are when it comes to love, and her dating app, which brings online dating into the real world for authentic connection. She is a Master Certified Life Coach with special training in spiritual psychology, addiction, and relationships; a renowned relationship expert; an elite matchmaker; Love Ambassador for OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network); and the author of “Real Love, Right Now: A 30-Day Blueprint for Finding Your Soul Mate — and So Much More!”

From everyday folks to celebrities, politicians, executives, and billionaires, Kailen supports people in redesigning their love partnerships and family lives, helping them discover authentic and joyful ways to live in love. Rooted in her mission over the past 20 years, Kailen has created a proven method of strengthening the power of the mind, body, and spirit, helping people from hometowns to Hollywood gain a healthy new outlook on love and life. In addition to her starring role in the award-winning “Lovetown, USA” on the Oprah Winfrey Network and BBC Worldwide, Kailen has been featured in over 1,000 print, online, radio, podcast, and television interviews, including Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Financial Times, International Business Times, Cosmopolitan, CBS Radio, The Huffington Post, CNN, and many more. She is also respected for her philanthropic practices and her passion for making a difference in the world. Kailen and her husband have been together for over 20 years and share three wonderful sons. They all live happily in Minnesota. For more information, visit and

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The Emotion Code with Dr. Bradley Nelson

The Emotion Code with Dr. Bradley Nelson

February 6, 2019

Aired Wednesday, 6 February 2019 at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

The Emotion Code with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Have you ever thought about how much your emotions influence your health? Our guest today, Dr. Bradley Nelson (“Dr. Brad”) is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology. Through his twenty-plus years as a holistic physician, he developed The Emotion Code, a system for releasing the trapped emotions that block mental and physical healing. Dr Bradley will discuss how your emotions influence your health.

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Lessons from the 12 Archangels: Divine Intervention in Daily Life

Lessons from the 12 Archangels: Divine Intervention in Daily Life

January 30, 2019

Aired Wednesday, 30 January 2019 at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Lessons from the 12 Archangels: Divine Intervention in Daily Life

A Powerful Guide to Opening Your Life to the Wisdom and Healing of the Angels

Angels are loving forces in our lives. Each of us has the ability to communicate with them if we open our minds to their teachings. Belinda Womack was a believer in Angels until the age of 12, when she decided she wanted to become a scientist. Years later, working in a biology lab, she found herself in the presence of the Archangel Gabriel and realized her calling as a spiritual conduit for Angelic healing and support.

In this book she shares lessons, practices, and daily guidance from the 12 Archangels to help us listen to and heal our wounded inner child, release our fears, and enact deep subconscious transformation. Each word, transmitted directly from the 12 Archangels, carries their love, so that when read, the love is absorbed into the reader’s mind and supports the release of our deepest wounds and fears. The tools and exercises shift your vibration so results are both felt and experienced immediately. Each message awakens your innate spiritual power to rebuild destroyed self-esteem, lifting you higher in vibration and allowing life to be filled with the power of your own divinity.

The book includes Angelic guided visualizations on working with Angels to access the healing power of the chakras and to manifest with the creative imagination, as well as specific messages from the 12 Archangels designed for quick access to practical guidance when Angelic support is needed in daily life. As Belinda Womack shows, by opening ourselves to the support of the 12 Archangels, we can move out of the past and into Heaven’s abundance, heal our inner wounds, and shift our vibration to one of unconditional love for self, others, Mother Earth, and the Universe.

About the Guest:

Belinda J. Womack is a spiritual counselor, channeling Angelic wisdom to support individuals, couples, and families for 25 years. She is the creator of the 12 Archangels University, an online “change your everyday reality to Heaven on Earth” education platform. A scientist by training, with dual master’s degrees in microbiology and environmental science, she lives in Freeport, Maine.

To learn more about Belinda, sample her online and audio classes, or schedule a DNA Scrub session visit:

Living the Aloha Life

Living the Aloha Life

January 23, 2019

Aired Wednesday, 23 January 2019 at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Living the Aloha Life

Please join Cynthia Rose as she brings you Aloha from the Island of Kauai. As always, Cynthia Rose will be taking your calls at 202 570-7057 or join us on the Standing In The Sunlight Radio Facebook Page. Join her as she shares her experiences.