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The Earth Citizen’s Guide to Co-Creating the Greatest and Highest Good

January 10, 2016

UEES or Not UEEs — That is the Question

By Dane Starland

What Would Life Be Like If Everyone Acted for the Greater Good?

Uniting the World’s “Trustworthy,” Positive-Focused Majority Committed to a Co-creating a More Equitable, Peaceful World

Aired Sunday, 10 January 2016, 10:00 PM ET

What would life be like if nearly everyone acted for the Greater Good? If the world’s “trustworthy,” caring and consciously aware people-those who don’t act from selfish motives-got together and welded their power and discernment by majority vote?

Potentially, they could influence elections; boycott corporations and industries that are injurious to global health; force government representatives and employees to truly serve the people and not their fiefdoms; reset the global economy; demand peace from the world’s powers; put love first in all exchanges-in other words–change the course of the planet!

“Idealistic? Yes. Realistic? Maybe. It’s a starting point,” says Dane Starland, author of two new books that inspire people to join the movement he has initiated, United Earth Ecclesia (UEE). His books The Earth Citizen’s Guide to Co-Creating the Greatest and Highest Good and UEES or Not UEES-That is the Question invite people to step away from the life of struggle and strife and commit to joining with others to co-create a saner, gentler, more abundant world where the NICE PEOPLE lead!

Convinced that 80% of the world’s population fall into that category-they merely wish to take care of their families, do meaningful contributory work, enjoy life’s bounty and unselfishly support the best for everyone else-Starland has launched UEE ( to bring together those motivated and compassionate “Earth Citizens” with this covenant:

“As Active United Earth Citizens,We Promise that We will not harm or trespass in any way on the person and property of any other United Earth Citizen. That includes a Promise to uphold the Bondsof Trust that connect all United Earth Citizens who have sworn to this Covenant. As Loving United Earth Citizens We Promise to Love one another and act toward Others as We would like them to act toward Us. As Rational United Earth Citizens, We Promise to promote World Peace and protect every United Earth Citizen’s Right to total Individual Freedom as long as that Freedom does not harm the person or property of any another United Earth Citizen. Finally, As Responsible United Earth Citizens We promise to strive to do everything We possibly can to protect and improve theEcology of Our Communal Environment.”

Starland’s first book UEES or Not UEES-That is the Question takes you in to a world where UEE membership ensures that you can trust doing business with, dating or interacting with fellow members because they share your values. It presents two nearly identical scenarios-one where Jane, the protagonist, experiences a day without UEE influence-and then the same day where she is supported by, aided and shares experiences with other UEE committed-individuals. This short novel is much like the film Ground Hog Day with a different kind of outcome!

The Earth Citizen’s Guide to Co-Creating the Greatest and Highest Good introduces UEE to the world-why it is necessary, what it stands for, the power of Lenergy-the love energy that drives the manifestation of all things, the vision for what UEE is to become, the poll-itical aspects of uniting people globally through majority vote to be a voice of clarity in support of humanity, environmental wellness, and the Common Good on many of today’s issues and political campaigns. UEE members are able to identify each other by the proud wearing of the gold Exclamation of Love Mark (ExLo for short), the Registered Collective Mark of the UEE, symbolized by a heart atop a plus. The Earth Citizen’s Guide is a road map to the future, showing how UEE can lead us forward, raising everyone’s boat. With the book, Starland is beginning the process of enrolling people in the co-creation of this brave new world where love rules! For more information and/or to become a UEE Member, go to:

About the Guest Dane Starland

Duane Stjernholm (pen name Dane Starland), the proud founder of the UEE, has degrees from both Colorado State University and Iliff School of Theology. He backs his proposals and visions with a lofty degree in both Psychology andReligious Philosophy/Metaphysics.