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The Coming Three Years – What Awaits Us Spiritually

October 13, 2015

Aired Tuesday, 13 October 2015, 11:00 AM ET

What the Guru’s and Saints are Saying about the Near Future?

What will happen in the next 3 years?

How are we to internalize what the guru’s and saints are saying is about the future?

How can we be loving in a world that’s full of chaos?

How can we overcome fear and replace it with love?

How can we live in this world and not be motivated by fear?

What spiritual practices should we be doing to get ready.

What physical things do we need to have in order before this comes to pass?

What chants and mantras should be practicing?”

Our honored guest, Dr. Haider will guide us and answer these questions.

About the Guest Dr. Paul Haider

Dr. Paul Haider has been an author and speaker in the areas of spirituality and herbalism for over 30 years. Speaking on how to create a deep sense of spiritual awareness… and creating health, vitality, and peace in our daily lives. Growing up on a farm in California Dr. Haider had many powerful spiritual experiences that changed his life… and thus he started helping others. Also Dr. Haider had his own health challenges that stared him on a search for life giving herbs in order to heal his kidney disease… and thus he became a Master Herbalist in order to share his zeal for herbs, supplements, and life giving foods.

Paul has written many books, including “Relax Into Success” a guidebook of wisdom… for creating balance in all aspects of life… including mind, body, spirit, relationships, social life, financial life and core beliefs.

Dr. Haider has written “21 Ways to Live a Stress Free Life… in Only 21 Days” a book showing you a short cut to getting rid of stress.

And Dr. Haider has a new book called “The 7th Avatar” about the last avatar spreading the word about love throughout the world.

Dr. Haider has written about 4,000 articles as is a featured writer for OM Times Magazine and many other magazines… and countless articles with blogs and herbal discussion groups on FB, Twitter, and his WordPress blog called “Relax Into Success”.

Dr. Paul Haider interacts with thousands of people on his Facebook pages under, “Dr. Paul Haider, Relax Into Success, Meditation for the Soul, The Center for Creative Living,” and many more… and he posts daily on twitter, tumblr, stumbleupon, linkedin, pinterest and more.

Dr. Haider has many wonderful videos that can be found on his website at – and they also can be found on Youtube at: 

Also take a look at his beautiful spiritual photography at: 

Dr. Haider’s Consults are ALWAYS FREE!

You can find all his books, recording, and more at, also on Itunes, and