The “Way Of The Horse” - A Revolutionary Model For Socially Intelligent Leadership with Linda Kohanov

April 19, 2018

Aired Thursday, 19 April 2018, 7:00 PM ET

The “Way Of The Horse” – A Revolutionary Model For Socially Intelligent Leadership with Linda Kohanov

Power and leadership are two words that are inextricably entwined. We are all leaders at some time in some area of our lives. But to be an effective leader, one has to know how to use power effectively. In this increasingly complex world, where anyone from any background can instantly access information and resources to empower and advance their position in life, and anyone with a great idea can raise money online and conceive a multi-million-dollar corporation in the corner of a basement or a garage, command and control forms of leadership are on their way to becoming obsolete but learning to share power in a balanced way is still one of our greatest human challenges.

Linda Kohanov is an international speaker, leadership trainer, and the bestselling author of The Tao of Equus. In her new book, The Five Roles of a Master Herder, she offers a new approach to leadership, rooted in the collaborative power of ancient herding cultures and based on her decades of equestrian work. For thousands of years, master herders have developed a multi-faceted, socially intelligent form of leadership that combines five disparate roles with unique qualities of leadership. Effective leadership, asserts Kohanov, comes from a holistic balance all five of these roles. The Five Roles of a Master Herder shows readers how to develop and employ them consciously and fluidly in their “modern tribes” of families, workplaces, and other social organizations.

Linda Kohanov joins Sandie this week to discuss:

~ What can equine-based wisdom and the nonverbal leadership skills of ancient herding cultures teach us about leadership in the 21st century?

~ Why is “power” is such a difficult topic to discuss in our culture when it plays such a huge role in just about every kind of group of people?

~ How we can recognize which of the five leadership roles we may be overemphasizing and which roles we’re avoiding.

~ How the five roles of a master herder can lead us through potentially “explosive” situations at home, and in life.

~ Non-predatory power and how we can use it in our daily lives?

~ And more…

Linda Kohanov established Eponaquest Worldwide to explore the healing potential of working with horses and offer programs on everything from emotional and social intelligence, leadership, stress reduction, and parenting to consensus building and mindfulness. She has used this revolutionary new model with executive teams at such companies as Nike, Chubb Insurance, and Raytheon.