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Shira Adler - The ABC’s of CBD

June 13, 2018

Aired Wednesday, 13 June 2018, 8:00 PM ET

Shira Adler – The ABC’s of CBD

Think about your health and in particular, any health challenges. Think about the costs associated with treating those challenges. Now think about challenges that western or allopathic medicine has few or less than desirable treatments for. Chronic pain treatment has sadly led to staggering numbers of people addicted to opioids. Treatments for trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression and neurologic disorders are available but at a high cost and often with detrimental side effects. In their wisdom and experience, our ancestors turned to nature and her pharmacopeia of natural remedies. One of these remedies was cannabis. Yes, that is pot, marijuana, hemp…many names for plants that have grown naturally and were here long before humanity. Yet propaganda, misinformation, misinformed narcotic classifications and perhaps even the fear of these substances cutting into big pharma profits resulted in them being outlawed and relegated to black market sales. Recent studies have shown the positive medical benefits of using cannabis for treating a variety of conditions. Twenty nine states have legalized marijuana for medical treatment and recreational use is legal in nine. Federally, it is still considered a Schedule 1 drug, the same classification as heroin and methamphetamine. There is a movement in our country to change this.

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, Shira Adler, is on the forefront of this fight and has dedicated herself to educating others on the benefits of these natural medicines. Shira has spent a lifetime helping others to overcome a myriad of life’s challenges, obstacles and personal issues. An author, speaker, wellness expert and entrepreneur, Shira was forced to go beyond Western medicine to seek answers and new tools to help her own family survive and thrive in today’s complicated world. Connected as much in the spiritual world as mainstream, Shira has had appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Katie Couric, Montel Williams, and on local and national news outlets, podcasts, terrestrial radio, and more. Shira’s has also written, or been featured in, articles across the gamut from cannabis culture, to holistic, spiritual, and traditional parenting magazines, and blogs including: Thrive Global, Kveller, and HuffPost.

Featured as the debut mom on Bravo’s Extreme Guide to Parenting, Shira Adler, is “that funky spiritual-soccer-mom whose throat chakra has no off switch.” Shira has generated millions of impressions across a broad range of linear and digital platforms. Known as #MAMA (Modern Alternative Mom Advocate), #MetaphysicalMrsFields, & #ThePotMom, Shira Adler is a clear and conscious voice for our time. Passionate about alternative healing, especially CBD, Shira has developed a unique healing company,, that includes the world’s first line of transformative CBD infused aromatherapy & CBD products. Shira also maintains a private practice as an intuitive/spiritual counselor and Certified Past Life Regressionist to help clients through a quick and powerful transformational tool to identify and clear issues affecting them in this lifetime, based on the cellular memory of past lives. She joins us this week to discuss her new book, The ABC’s of CBD – The Essential Guide for Parents (And Regular Folks Too).