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Pray Until Grace Floods – Be in Oneness

August 25, 2015

Aired Tuesday, 25 August 2015, 11:00 AM ET

Oneness has wise, powerful and loving teaching & knowledge for we people to live as a real human being. Those teachings are edited as a card deck for people to draw guidance toward their daily encounters or problems. Oneness Cards do not predict future as the future is not predictable. In Oneness, it is said that external world is a reflection of inner space. This deck is to help you see clearly this truth. Teachings should be combined with Deeksha, a very powerful energy to transform knowledge into your own experiences. Join the show to know more about Oneness teachings and feel the power of Deeksha!

About Guest Brida

Brida, a Oneness giver and trainer from Taiwan, starts her spiritual journey in Oneness Fiji. When waiting for boarding to Fiji, a fellow showed her a Diana Cooper’s card deck and that’s first time she connected with oracle cards and she just fell in love so much with these oracle cards & angel cards. Since Oneness Teachings are powerful and loving, Brida would like to share Oneness in her own way–publishing, editing, compiling Oneness oracle cards and let people combine those sacred teachings in their day-to-day life.