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For Ethical Reasons – Caryn Dougherty of Raison Éthique

February 12, 2015

Aired Thursday, 12 February 2015, 3:00 PM ET

When Caryn Dougherty made changes in her family’s lifestyle to lessen their “footprint” on the earth, what she discovered was shocking. Determined to make a difference while facilitating ecological balance, Caryn began an odyssey of learning how to create “bio-friendly” natural products that weren’t the typical “hippie crafted” open air market items. With a product that would fit just as comfortably in a Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive boutique as well as your local Green Grocery, Caryn Dougherty explains how her passion for authenticity and pure ingredients is on the cutting edge of the new global awareness surrounding all things enlightened, healthy and affordable.

About Guest Caryn Dougherty

As with all things, it started out simple enough. My family was making a switch from a diet consisting primarily of fast and/or processed foods to one that was healthier for us and our bodies. We began reading ingredients and researching those we were not familiar with. The disappointing truth about ingredients, even so called “organic” was that many of these products still contained small combinations of ingredients that were not beneficial to our bodies or necessary for the product. We discovered many of these were triggers for health challenges we could potentially face later on in life. ​

Our journey began with soap, an item which continues to be the backbone of the entire company. Our soaps are carefully hand-crafted from scratch, in small batches, using traditional cold process methods.

As they say, the rest is history. Our customers love the way our products make their skin feel. We love that we’re able to provide a product that is good for the environment and good for our overall well being.