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Dealing with Children’s Nighttime Fears

February 11, 2016

Actually, There is Something Under the Bed – Dealing with Children’s Nighttime Fears with Michelle Cohen

Aired Thursday, 11 February 2016, 7:00 PM ET

All children are afraid of the dark some time, and some children are more afraid than others. Michelle Cohen has designed a simple yet effective protocol based on decades of experience working with concerned families whose children suffer from unexplained terrors. Actually, There is Something Under the Bed is her book created to empower children and parents alike. Through easy to follow and fun exercises, the family learns together that they have more command than they realized in any creepy circumstance. Michelle emphasizes that it doesn’t matter if what scares children is real or imagined; the bottom line is—something is causing fear, so tackle that. In this show, Michelle will explain how to help a frightened child share his or her experience, and offers several constructive ways to find power and control over the situation. She will also share s how children as well as adults can get rid of any unwanted energy in their environment.

About the Guest Michelle Cohen

Michelle Cohen is a multi-faceted producer/writer/director and a deeply skilled intuitive who connects her diverse talents using a fully-toned funny bone. Her work has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, MTV, NPR, and in People, Entertainment Weekly, and the Washington Post.

In addition to producing the off–Broadway megahit, Schoolhouse Rock Live!, an adaptation of the ABC Emmy Award-winning cartoon, and . Michelle is also the author of the books Actually, There is Something Under the Bed, Of Course You Can Sing! and MenOpop (A Menopause Pop-up and Activity Book), as well as creator of The Intuition Tool Kit an online program for discovering and honing your internal guidance system.

Michelle has worked extensively as a vocal coach, serving as an adjunct faculty member at several acting schools, including NYU, and is the ‘voice of nursery rhymes’ in Japan, having designed an online program bonding Japanese mothers with their children through creative, imaginative interpretations of English language stories.