Activating Your Soul’s Divine Wealth Blueprint

December 5, 2017

Aired Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 2:00 PM ET

Activating Your Soul’s Divine Wealth Blueprint

We are all born wealthy in the eyes of the Divine. Encoded in your spiritual DNA is your divine blueprint, your soul’s wealth. When you tap into and activate your inner wealth portal, it is possible to break out of old survival patterns and a limited mindset that blocks your true soul’s expression. Joining me today is transformational wealth coach Marcia Mainer.

About the Guest: Marcia Mariner

Marcia Mariner is a transformational wealth coach who provides a safe container for women to break out of fears around success, wealth and visibility. She is particularly skilled at helping her clients up level their worth. She is passionate about helping heart centered entrepreneurs, birth their dream business, break their glass ceiling, attract their ideal client, reach more people and live a purpose driven life.

Co-CEO of the Mariner Center for Human Development, Marcia and her husband Mark have run a highly successful wellness center since 1992. Passionate about supporting new initiatives for our evolving world, Marcia has a keen ability to detect each person’s unique blueprint, and support their emergence and expansion as they create their purpose driven life and practice. She also has a global community of heart powered women supporting each other’s emergence and expansion.


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