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11:11 – Time to Shine

November 11, 2015

Aired Wednesday, 11 November 2015, 1:00 PM ET

This weeks show is going to be very exciting as it falls on the powerful and significant day of the master numbers 11:11. This Wednesday also sees the opening of a beautiful 11:11 Portal of Abundance and Manifestation. At exactly same time a Scorpio New Moon arrives in the Heavens, perfectly positioned between the Earth and the Sun.

This New Moon represents the prime starting point of all manifestation and the dark sky represents a blank canvas upon which we can create our deepest wishes and realise our wildest dreams!

My special guest this week is a dear friend Ann O’Keife who is a gifted Healer, ancient Rune reader, teacher, artist and all round amazing magical woman!

She is fascinated and inspired by all aspects of ancient wisdom, personal growth and human evolution.

Together we will be sharing my latest guidance and discussing how NOW is the time to clear out all the blocks and anchors holding you back from realising your full potential.

So come and join the gathering Raising Vibrations Across the Nations and help inspire all people to become the greatest they can be!

About the Guest Ann O’Keife

Ann O’Keife has a passion to serve, support and inspire. She is a solution focused therapist, healer, rune reader, teacher and artist. She is fascinated and inspired by personal growth and human evolution, symbolism and the natural kingdom.

Her own personal journey began after a deeply prophetic experience in 1994 around Easter time in Glastonbury UK. She was introduced to the ancient Rune stones, 24 angular symbols that are over 3000 years old and it felt as if she had re found long lost friends! This ignited her desire to learn and study as much as she could about the mind, body and soul connection.

After qualifying as a reflexologist in London, she relocated to Brighton in 1999 to co-run a health store. Her yearning to learn grew; She studied Indian head massage, Healing, Counselling, Talking therapies and meditation techniques.

It was during this early expansive time that Ann met her teachers Bob and Lee Nitsche of the Wolf clan, Seneca people. Their teachings of love, respect, dignity, integrity, understanding, gratitude, harmony and service are the guidelines for her life and work.