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Don Jose Ruiz - Vocal Heritage

Don Jose Ruiz - Vocal Heritage

May 23, 2019

Don Jose Ruiz – Vocal Heritage

Aired Thursday, 23 May 2019, 9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST

“The human voice is the organ of the soul” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The ancient art of carrying and transmitting information through oral tradition has exponential potential in the present-day New Information Paradigm. Humanity as a whole and sound organism carries all the information necessary for preservation and continuation. Messengers offer the human organism explicit direction and are attuned to the physical, emotional and electromagnetic dimension of the human voice as a powerful vessel for information storage and dissemination. Today’s scientific application of sound for medical purposes and wellness practices are becoming more commonplace as we integrate our collective appreciation of energy, frequency and vibration also prescribed in the ancient arts, such as oral traditions. Join voice master Kara Johnstad and don Jose Ruiz for a soulful exploration of the mysterious ways the human voice transmits information through energy and matter, maintaining and restoring coherency into the subliminal.

About: don Jose Ruiz, is a Toltec Master of Transformation & Modern day Shaman. He is a direct descendant of the Toltecs of the Eagle Night lineage, and is the son of don Miguel Ruiz, author of New York Times bestseller The Four Agreements. He is the author of The Fifth Agreement, Ripples of Wisdom, and My Good Friend The Rattlesnake. Along with his family, he teaches workshops and offers transformational journeys around the world. For more information please visit:


“Don Jose Ruiz is a spiritual master in the making. His heartfelt tales resonate with courage and vulnerability as he takes us on a spiritual journey full of family wisdom, soulful surrender, and boundless love. The powerful life lessons and insight he shares are inspiring and timeless.” -Panache Desai, Discover Your Soul Signature

Mari Boine - A Sound Universe of One’s Own

Mari Boine - A Sound Universe of One’s Own

May 16, 2019

Mari Boine – A Sound Universe of One’s Own

Aired Thursday, 16 May 2019, 9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST

With her exotic voice informed by the long time oppressed shaman culture of the Norwegian Sami, an indigenous people often compared to Native Americans, and her almost trance-like folk music, Mari Boine created together with sámi guitarist Roger Ludvigsen, a sound universe of her own. Today she is revered as a truly unique artist whose trajectory led her to release more than a dozen highly-acclaimed solo albums and collaborate with stellar Norwegian jazz musicians like Jan Garbarek and Bugge Wesseltoft. From the start, Mari Boine has been one of the most outspoken and important representatives of the Sami culture. As an artist and activist, she has worked tirelessly for the recognition and preservation of the indigenous Sami culture, thus inspiring younger generations to be proud of their unique roots. Even though Boine draws heavily on her musical heritage (Christian Lestadian hymn singing, Sami joik chants, and Norwegian folk music), she masterfully blends these influences with modern musical elements from jazz, rock, and pop.

At a time when the vast majority of popular singers seems to follow predetermined patterns, Mari Boine has managed to stand out as one of a kind. Constantly evolving, changing, modernizing, and daring, but never bending to the rules of the recording industry.

Join voice master Kara Johnstad and Mari Boine for a compelling discussion on creating a sound universe of one’s own.

On Mari Boine:

“It’s completely irrelevant what you call her music. Her music that blends seamlessly into the rhythms and sound picture of our times. She could have sung her songs a thousand years ago or a thousand years into the future and still retained the same depth and resonance. In other words, it is like Mari Boine’s voice reveals just the smallest sliver of eternity,”

— Jörg Eipasch on Boine’s album Gávcci Jahkejuogo (Eight Seasons).

Chloë Goodchild - Unified Field of Awareness or Singing Field

Chloë Goodchild - Unified Field of Awareness or Singing Field

May 9, 2019

Chloë Goodchild – Unified Field of Awareness or Singing Field

Aired Thursday, 9 May 2019, 9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST

Here and now, precisely at this appointed placelessness and timelessness in its chosen form of information, is home to our interconnectedness, our inter-are-ing. We welcome you home to the unified field of awareness of our inter-being, where all sentient beings sing freely from their heart’s pulsation. Here we swim, dwell and swell in gratitude for our unity in uniqueness. Each ripple, drip, dip and spring of frequency shifts resonate in all directions, forming symphonies of perfectly playful spheres from and for all of creation’s joyful elevation.

When my remaining option is to intentionally love and unapologetically reclaim my identity as love embodied, will I have spiraled back home, an octave harmoniously integrated and evolved state of being. Here I will meet you:

“Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing

there is a field

a singing field

I’ll meet you there”


Join voice master Kara Johnstad and Ms. Chloë Goodchild, an international singer, innovatory educator, author and founder of The Naked Voice (1990) as they peruse the Singing Field.

About Ms. Chloë Goodchild: dedicated to the realization of compassionate communication in all realms of human life. Deafness in childhood catalyzed Chloë’s deep encounter with her inner self, and began a lifetime’s experiential research into the voice as a catalyst for personal evolution and global transformation.

Simrit Kaur - The Science of Mantra

Simrit Kaur - The Science of Mantra

May 2, 2019

Simrit Kaur – The Science of Mantra

Aired Thursday, 2 May 2019, 9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

As creatures of habit we can command conscious repetition to alter our being, from our brain wave frequency to the very molecular structure of our bodies, including our DNA. Join voice master Kara Johnstad and guest Simrit Kaur as they explore the science of mantras.

Mantra supports rhythm and restores trust in the certainty of order. This enables our hearts to open and turns on a higher code within our DNA.

Simrit Kaur is a world renowned.

Simrit is a student, practitioner and a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Naad Yoga (the sciences of sound and consciousness). She is also a certified level II Reiki practitioner. Her highly acclaimed yoga of the voice and sound course, ‘The Supreme Sound’, continues to be studied by thousands worldwide. She records, composes, produces music, and tours with her band giving concerts and workshops across the globe.

“The most potent power on the planet is on the tip of your tongue.” -Simrit Kaur

Kevin Kortan - Sounding into Silence

Kevin Kortan - Sounding into Silence

April 25, 2019

Kevin Kortan – Sounding into Silence

Aired Thursday, 25 April 2019, 9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST

The call to life beckons us to contemplate our capacity to respond to our deepest questions. How does one grow in “response-ability” to life? Responsibility compels us to exercise the flexibility, adaptability and integration of body, mind and soul. The capacity for internal awareness frees us to respond back to life. Sounding is a vessel with the capacity to gently guide our internal awareness into the night, the darkness, the silence and womb of knowing.

Join voice master Kara Johnstad and guest Kevin Kortan, originator of Evolutionary Yoga™, as they discuss an integrative and innovative approach that unites Yoga, Tantra, Somatics, and Embodied Education. Kevin offers insights into the role that sounding, chanting, and mantra repetition has in bringing us into an internal awareness.

For sound enthusiasts and explorers, enjoy Kevin’s courageous journey from sacred sound and music to music for the stage and back to sacred, inner sound. He will take us through the curves and turns of mantra in motion, chanting in Sanskrit, English, and other languages and healing the wound of being judged about our voice.

About Kevin Kortan:

Praised as a “master of translation” and “an excellent teacher who makes his classes challenging for the experienced, yet understandable for the beginner.” He enjoys working with people from all walks of life. Much of Kevin’s teaching is done one-on-one in private sessions in the time-honored tradition of adapting yoga for the individual.

Connect with Kevin on

Rhiannon - On Being Flexible

Rhiannon - On Being Flexible

April 18, 2019

Rhiannon – On Being Flexible

Aired Thursday, 18 April 2019, 9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST

Range of free motion is a skill that can be cultivated and strengthen in all areas of life, be it mind, muscle or meta. Join voice masters Kara Johnstad and Rhiannon as they reflect upon their vocal rivers the skill and spirit of improvisation. Rhiannon’s acclaimed textbook Vocal River, The Skill and Spirit of Improvisation (2013) synthesizes Rhiannon’s journey, philosophy and exercises. It is a declaration of her passionate commitment to vocal improvisation. Tune in for a generous dose of vocal exuberance, craft and insights into the dimensions and gifts of improvisation.

About Rhiannon: A vocal artist with a vision of music as a vehicle for innovation, healing, transformation, and social change. A vibrant, gifted singer, performance artist, composer, and master teacher, Rhiannon lives and works on her farm on the Big Island of Hawai’i using her singing barn Ha Lau Leo Nani, The Gathering Place as a teaching and performance venue honoring culture and community.

“Rhiannon is incredibly brilliant and fun. I trust her musical instincts completely. A fellow graduate of MSU (Making Stuff Up) and a member of Voicestra since the beginning, she’s one of my very favorite people to improvise with. I’m so glad she’s finally taken the time to document her thoughtful, heartfelt, inspired approach Delve in deeply!” – Bobby McFerrin

Cleveland Watkiss - Biosonics of Sound System Culture

Cleveland Watkiss - Biosonics of Sound System Culture

April 4, 2019

Cleveland Watkiss – Biosonics of Sound System Culture

Aired Thursday, 4 April 2019, 9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST

Just as the acupuncturist “reads” the pulse, or the iridology “reads” the eyes, Biosonics “reads” the human voice for a diagnostic orientation of imbalance states. The frequencies in the human voice carry information about the state of the person’s physical and emotional balance. When the human body is tuned or in balance, it can work in harmony and create melodies. The power and pleasure of the sonic also has an exponentially scalable function within an orchestra or choir. Therefore, galvanizing and ennobling human voices is a profound tuning service to the one collective human organism. As a musical distribution mechanism, the Jamaican Sound System Culture has proved itself to be a transmission of life for the diaspora. Out of many, the voice makes us wholly one.

Join voice master Kara Johnstad and British virtuoso vocalist Cleveland Watkiss as they explore the intersection of sound, consciousness and well-being.

About Cleveland Watkiss:

A vocal improvisor, composer, actor, educator, born in Hackney, East London to Jamaican family. For his most recent work with: CW UK ALLSTARS he has assembled some of the most prolific musicians active on the UK music scene today.


Lee Harris - Energy Speaks

Lee Harris - Energy Speaks

March 28, 2019

Lee Harris – Energy Speaks

Aired Thursday, 28 March 2019, 9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST

Many of us intuitively feel that reality contains a spiritual dimension hidden from our five senses. Messages from Spirit on living, loving and awakening carry the energy of wisdom and compassion. For author Lee Harris, that spiritual dimension became startlingly real one day when he began receiving profound insights from “the Zs,” a group of nonphysical beings from another plane of reality. In Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving, and Awakening (New World Library, March 26, 2019), Harris distills the Zs’ wisdom into a concise and practical guide for conscious living that promises that each one of us is an irreplaceable part of something much greater than ourselves, and that help is always available to us from unexpected sources.

We are delighted to welcome Lee Harris for a conversation on this extraordinary practical guide for conscious living. Energy Speaks zeros in on essential life topics such as love, sex, money, personal power, self-expression, family, purpose, and emotional well-being. Lee and the Zs confront core topics such as fear, judgment, boundaries, and forgiveness with refreshing insight and optimism, and instill confidence and certainty about the possibilities that await humanity in the future. They also delve into more esoteric topics like how to invoke the help of spirit guides and angels and how to use sleep as a portal for transformation.

“Each page of this book — whether focused on relationships, abundance and manifestation, angels and spirit guides, or any other important life topic — is really a reminder that we do cocreate with the universe,” writes Lee. “We can either be asleep in that cocreation or be active in it. There is a destiny path at work for us, and we have free will as to when and how we step onto it.”

About the Author

Lee Harris is the author of Energy Speaks. He is also an intuitive medium, transformational leader, musician, and visual artist. In 2004, he began holding channeling sessions and readings in his home, and today he leads workshops throughout the world. A native of England, he is now based in California. Visit him online at

Dorianne Laux - Voice Rites of Passage

Dorianne Laux - Voice Rites of Passage

March 21, 2019

Dorianne Laux – Voice Rites of Passage

Aired Thursday, 21 March 2019, 9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST

‘Rites of passage’ or ‘initiation rituals’ are powerful tools for those who choose to consciously move into a new phase of life by clearly marking the end of the previous chapter. The intention of performing ceremony has a profound impact on the subconscious – sending a clear message to the individual to prepare for a transition. Join voice master Kara Johnstad and respected poet Dorianne Laux as they dive deeply into exploring rites of passage for voice, in all its modalities (i.e. written, spoken, sung, thought, etc.).

Dorianne Laux is an acclaimed American poet and teacher, known for her sensual and grounded witness to the everyday. Contemporary Poet Tony Hoagland describes Dorianne’s work: “Her poems are those of a grown American woman, one who looks clearly, passionately, and affectionately at rites of passage, motherhood, the life of work, sisterhood, and especially sexual love, in a celebratory fashion.”

Laux’s most recent work Only As The Day Is Long (2019) is a collection of odes to her mother, an extraordinary and ordinary woman of the Depression era. With deep compassion, Laux explores experiences of survival and healing, sexual love and celebration, Only as the Day Is Long shows Laux at the height of her powers.

Tune in for inspiration on celebrating the voice’s evolution.

Donna De Lory - Voice as a Gravity-defying Instrument

Donna De Lory - Voice as a Gravity-defying Instrument

March 7, 2019

Donna De Lory – Voice as a Gravity-defying Instrument

Aired Thursday, 7 March 2019, 9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST

Why do we feel lighter after we sing? Join hostess Kara Johnstad and guest Donna De Lory as they explore the voice’s gravity-defying quality.

Devotional singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Donna De Lory commands a delicate and gravity-defying voice, a fine instrument that touches the heights and depths of the soul again and again with its beauty and honesty. Truth and self-confrontation have been essential in producing soul-elevating music.

Her most musically ambitious, soul-searching and autobiographical record to date Here in Heaven (2018) is a grand summation of her personal and musical life thus far—one that has encompassed everything from touring the world with Madonna as a backing vocalist and dancer, to enrapturing audiences at yoga music festivals and becoming revered among the reigning queens of world devotional music. Before dedicating her life to singing sacred mantras and lyrics of spiritual aspiration, De Lory traveled the globe for 20 years as a backup singer and dancer for Madonna, appearing in the documentary film Truth or Dare and on stage with the pop icon during numerous legendary tours. De Lory’s own music combines sparkling pop savvy with a deeply felt sense of spirituality and has won her a strong fan base in the yoga/conscious living community and beyond. Embracing styles as diverse as Celtic, Middle Eastern, Indian classical and contemporary electronica, De Lory’s musical perspective is as wide as the world itself.

Tune in for an uplifting exploration of the voice.